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Near Covasna, in the upper part of the Fairy Valley, on a mountain peak rises the Fairy Fortress, an ancient Dacian fortress that attracts through its story and archaeological discoveries made here are visible the walls revealed by archaeologists through excavations.

They discovered fragments of ceramics and coins dating from the Dacian and Romanian period.

The researchers believe that the fortress was built and inhabited long before this period.

The road to the fortress is quite difficult to go due to steeper portions and takes about 2 hours, but it is worth going.

Here you will discover a glimpse of distant history when fairies and kites walk among the common people.

Accommodation at 5 Brothers wood Cabin, which offers all the necessary utilities and conditions to live right in the heart of the forest, Covasna County, Comandau village.

Traditional food  ( Contra – Cost )

Travel Guide for hiking at “Zanele fortress” in Covasna, Romania.

Transportation. You will have to use your own car.

Money for tickets to visit historical elements.