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The Valley Of The Fairies, Comandau, Covasna, Romania.

It is said to be the place where Ileana Cosanzean lived, the most beautiful earth, and where the Dacian Decebal King retired before he died.

Zanelor Valley is practically a recreational tourist area, extremely picturesque, in which there is a unique technical monument on our continent.

The monument is, in particular, a method that uses gravity to change the wagons filled with wood to other empty wagons to be loaded. It is a system built in 1889, called by locals “siclau”, which nowadays does not work, but can be visited.

The most delightful way to walk through the Valley of fairies is certainly with mocanita, a steam train used in the past to transport wood.

The forest railway system in the area of Comandaului has in the past stretched for tens of kilometers on the courses of the Big Basque and small Basque rivers and their tributaries.

Every day from the mountains, they were brought by steam locomotives loaded with wood, which were then taken by another locomotive to the upper end of the inclined plane at Covasna.

Here’s another engine to retrieve the seal, and he was taking them to be at a wood-processing factory in Virginia or to the railway station where the raw wood was transported on big trucks, on the railway to standard gauge, and were then transferred to the beneficiaries.

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