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At this Prodromita church from Comandau Covasna Romania, there is a copy of the miracle-working icon of Mount Athos. The Prodromite icon was painted 150 years ago.

Wishing with all his soul that at the prodrome Hermitage to be a miracle-making Icon, The Monk Nifon and his disciple Nectarie came from the Holy Mountain to Iasi where they found an icon-maker, Nicolau Iordache, who began to paint it.

At one point, after painting the garments, the iconar craftsman encountered difficulties in painting the faces, delaying work until the next day. In the morning, after prayer, when he wanted to get to work, he found the faces painted perfectly. That is why it is said that the icon was not made by the human hand. The painter’s testimony is at the prodrome Hermitage in a document dated June 29, 1863.

This is what he wrote on May 29, 1863, about the painting of the icon: “I, Iordache Nicolau, a painter from the city of Iaşi, painted this holy icon of the mother of God with my own hand, and in the time of work followed a blessed miracle, in the following way: after I had finished the garments, after the craft of my painting,; and when I had finished the first and second hand, taking the night to finish painting, looking at the faces, I saw that everything came out on the contrary, for which I very grieved, thinking that I had forgotten my craft.

And so it came to pass in the evening that I lay down in sorrow, not eating anything that day, but thinking that the next day I would rise up, and go to work more. After I got up the next day, I first made three metans of the mother of God, praying to enlighten my mind, that I might finish the holy icon; and when I went to work, oh! worship the wonders of the Mother of God!

The faces were as finished as you can see. I saw this miracle, I did not dare to put my pen on it, without only giving proper polish, although I made a mistake, to give lustrous to such an icon. This is the story of this holy icon.”

The icon is painted on Linden wood, it is one meter high and 0.70 meters wide. The icon, researched under a microscope, shows no traces of the brush, this strengthening the belief that the Holy faces were beautifully painted by the unearthly hand.

The celebration of this icon takes place every year on June 12, with vigils throughout the night, we learn from the website creștinortodox.ro.

At this church, there is a copy of the miracle-working icon of Mount Athos. The Prodromite icon was painted 150 years ago.

For this trip, you receive one place to sleep in the wood cabin for 1 night.

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